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BMC is committed to excellence. Our teacher training aims to foster a deep understanding and dedication to Dr Montessori's vision for the child.

"Within the child lies the fate of the future" - Maria Montessori.

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Why Bournemouth Montessori

Our aim is to support our students in becoming trained authentic Montessori teachers (to teach children 0 – 6 years) with a deep insight into the Montessori Method of education and its practice. Our teacher training provides a unique and deeply enriching experience that can be used in all Early Years provisions.

The Montessori Method, an internationally recognised educational system, was developed by Dr Maria Montessori through a lifetime of observing and working with children. Her philosophy is recognised throughout the world and is highly respected as an international movement for peace.


“Preventing conflicts is the work of politicians; establishing peace is the work of education.  We must convince the world of the need for a universal, collective effort to build the foundation for peace”  Maria Montessori


An authentic Montessori environment aims:

  • to create a happy, safe and stimulating child centred environment
  • to acknowledge that each child wants to learn and must be allowed to develop naturally at his own pace
  • to treat each child with respect and as a unique person
  • to acknowledge that the early years, from birth to six, are educationally the most important and that each child needs every opportunity to strengthen positive attitudes towards himself and others
  • to ensure that the child grows to be a confident and competent learner for life
  • to introduce the child to the Montessori activities which, among other things, promote independence, concentration and social skills
  • to provide a concrete foundation for later learning and life
  • to ensure that each child feels nurtured and an important member of the community.


A student wrote:  "I have wanted to learn about the Montessori Method for a long time, and finally the moment offered itself to me and I enrolled on my Bournemouth Montessori Centre course.  It has been and continues to be a challenging and equally rewarding training that I am undergoing in order to qualify as a Montessori directress.  Every time I am being introduced to the next area of the Montessori teachings I feel I am almost undergoing a rite of passage!...  all of it fits like a puzzle, and there it is again, this golden thread, that binds everything together neatly, it all makes wonderful sense, how these activities make the child grow and learn and how we as Montessori directresses are allowed to invite each and every child access to learn for life, and become an independent being!"



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