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BMC is committed to excellence. Our teacher training aims to foster a deep understanding and dedication to Dr Montessori's vision for the child.

"Within the child lies the fate of the future" - Maria Montessori.

Why Bournemouth Montessori


Dr Maria Montessori (1870-1952) was the first female Italian doctor. Her philosophy and method of education was developed over many years based on detailed observations of children of all abilities and backgrounds, and was born out of love and respect for each unique child.

Dr Maria Montessori designed activities that the child uses to support all areas of their mental, physical and spiritual development. The child chooses these activities spontaneously and independently having been shown how to use them by the Montessori teacher (Directress). 

The method was created in the poorest area of Rome and is now used with children of all abilities internationally.

The child is given a balance between freedom and structure to use the activities without unnecessary interference so he develops to his full potential and at his own pace.


"What I have done is merely to study the child, to take and express what he has given me, and that is called The Montessori Method."


No one can fully appreciate the Montessori Method by studying its principles in the abstract. Dr Maria Montessori would not grant a qualification to a student without practical experience of working with children.

The method she developed is as relevant and exciting today in the 21st Century.


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