Language Development - children's love of language!

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As a Children’s House we support parents to encourage their children to have a love of language.  We actively promote a love of words, stories and reading as central to our learning and development plan.

Montessori Language Curriculum

The ‘Communication Skills’ curriculum area aims to develop the four aspects of language:

1)  Oral expression, that is, self-expression through the spoken word.

2)  Aural ability, that is, listening skills.

3)  Writing, that is, self-expression through the written word.

4)  Reading.

Development of oral expression is achieved through story-telling, songs, poems, drama, vocabulary building, contributing ideas and expressing logical thought.  New language is introduced with every activity.

Development of aural ability is achieved through news, response and sounds games e.g. I Spy, sounds in the environment and music.

Development of writing is achieved through early mark making leading to the correct formation of letters; correct positioning of letters, creative writing, spelling and grammar.

Development of reading is based on a progression from phonics to a variety of reading strategies focussed around fluency, meaning, interpretation, speed and enjoyment.  Reading with your children, giving books and visiting the library all support this important area.

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